CCC Professional Development Seminar Comments

“This was an excellent seminar that from the very onset help me connect very deeply to what is important to me: alignment of my values with my vision which immediately increased my energy and enthusiasm.” April, 2019, Building or Enhancing a Thriving Practice from the Inside Out.

“I thought that this seminar was very informative! Really great to have the opportunity to engage with others and consider personal circumstances. I appreciated learning more about the language of coaching.” March, 2019 , Career Coaching Insights and Strategies

“This program helped me to understand that I’m on the right path for my business.” November, 2018 - Design Thinking

"I truly appreciated the full program - it was substantive, engaging, relevant and interesting. Kevin's comprehensive knowledge and at-ease presentation made me comfortable - I learned, I reflected, I grew! Thank you." Bemie Enyong, Holyoke Community College, PDS: Refocusing from Deficit to Strengths, 2017

"This was the most useful seminar I have been to in a very long time, and the price was very reasonable." Alice Diamond, Lesley University, PDS: Thanks for the Feedback, 2016

"Great workshop that provided a new framework for working with students and bringing more of one's personal self into work." - Dustin Gee, Berklee College of Music, PDS: Contemplative Career Counseling, 2016

"I moved to NYC after 3 years in Boston. I've been actively trying to find another community that offers what the CCC does and find myself coming back to Boston because you just do it the best!" - Trish Borrell, Bottom Line

"Excellent training and extremely useful - thank you." - Kerry Brady Seitz, Linkage, Inc., PDS: Introduction to Strengths Finder, 2016

"Thank you - the role playing portion pushed me out of my comfort zone and was a valuable learning experience as a new career coach. Great format." Kiley Danchise-Curtis, Bay State College, PDS: Career Counseling Techniques, 2017

"Enjoyed the seminar. Topic was relevant for both alumni and student populations." - Divya Das, Northeastern University, PDS: Preparing Our Clients for the Gig Economy facilitated by Wendy Gelberg, 2017

"Fantastic - it was a pleasure being in this seminar. By far one of the best professional development things I've attended. The instructors's knowledge of the topic, guidance and group discussions were invaluable." Kalyn Ryll, Simmons CollegePDS: Preparing Our Clients for the Gig Economy facilitated by Wendy Gelberg, 2017

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