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Welcome to the Career Counselors' Consortium!

The Career Counselors’ Consortium (CCC) has a long-standing history in the New England area (but has become more expansive with new virtual offerings that career professionals from anywhere can access)  as a resource to support career professionals to reach their own potential in serving their clients.  If you are a new or experienced career professional working in private practice or for a business, non-profit, or a college/university, or if you are considering the role of career professional for your next professional chapter, the CCC is for you!

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Message from the Board:

Friday, March 11, 2022

Dear CCC community,

It’s March, the month of spring. 

We get to honor and celebrate the contributions of women in the US.

Let's use this opportunity to reflect on the wonderful things women in history have done, as well as the contributions women today are making to advance humanity to the benefit of all. Some of my favorites are the right to vote and the opportunity to open and operate a bank account by myself.

Let's hold space for those who have not had the means and opportunity, as we celebrate the inventors and women who have had visibility in their careers.

Let's celebrate women who have been primary caregivers, those who are first generation college students/graduates, first generation immigrants, those who are multiple language learners. 

Let's hold the door for the CEO and the cleaning lady whose duties keep the organization functioning.

Let's also acknowledge the limitations that continue to exist such as, unequal pay for women in the workforce, poor childcare, discrimination of transwomen. The ageism and difficulty of returning to work after a break by women.

Let's acknowledge that as career coaches we have the opportunity to support women who will become the first in different walks of life. 

Let's continue to break barriers, challenge the status quo, "isms" and make the world a better place for all women. 

Happy Women's History Month!


Ade Igbineweka

CCC Treasurer

Director for Career Equity and Access, Career Center, Suffolk University              

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