CCC Past Events

2021-2022 Events

Professional Development Seminar (PDS):

  • Training for New & Aspiring Career Counselors (Offered in Fall & Spring)
  • The Power of Hybrid Professionals: How to Discover and Brand Who You Are At the Intersection of Your Multiple Professional Identities
  • Modernize your Resume

  • Modernize your LinkedIn

  • The Work-Life Balance Assessment: A New Card Sort Tool for Helping you Prioritize your Career & Personal Values

  • Career Development: Preparing for the Future

Best Practices Roundtable:

  • Returning to the Work Place and Recruiting Trends
  • Working with Immigrants and Refugees
  • Building Awareness of Your Strengths’ Blind Spots
  • Career Coaching Today
  • First Generation Students and Empowering Their Resilience

Book Club:

  • Recalculating

2019-2020 Events

Professional Development Seminar (PDS):

  • Enhance your Coaching Toolkit with SkillScan’s Transferable Skills Assessments and Resources
  • Training for New & Aspiring Career Counselors
  • The Incubator Lab for Career Development Professionals
  • Immunity to Change: Help Clients to Unlock Their Potential with Careers and Life 
  • You, Me, You: “Networking Strategies to help your clients leave a lasting impression!”
  • The Power Within: Strengths-based Career Counseling

Special Events:

  • What do You do to stay connected during a pandemic

  • A Case Study Dialogue: How to support underrepresented clients in navigating bias in the hiring process

  • WEBINAR: In Times of Uncertainty: Tapping Mindfulness, Positive Psychology & Neuroscience to Help Your Students/Clients

  • Summer 2020 Conference

2020-2021 Events

Professional Development Seminar (PDS):

  • Training for New & Aspiring Career Counselors
  • Effective Interviewing in the Age of AI
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Powering Beyond Your Own Resistance
  • LinkedIn Tips & Tools for Career Professionals
  • Transformational Coaching - Facilitating a More Positive Self-Concept
  • Designing Your Life for Career Professionals

Best Practices Roundtable:

  • Keeping Clients and Students Engaged Virtually
  • Career Paths for Career Professionals
  • Career Counseling with Clients over 50
  • Working with International Students
  • The New Job Landscape: Coaching Jobseekers in the New Job Market

Book Club:

  • Your Stories Don’t Define You - How You Tell Them Will

  • Switchers

2018-2019 Events

Professional Development Seminar (PDS):

  • Addressing the Career Concerns of International Clients
  • Training for New & Aspiring Career Counselors
  • Design Thinking: Effective Strategies for Helping Clients to Create a Fulfilling Life and Career
  • Mindfulness
  • Helping Clients Take Charge of their Employment
  • Career Coaching: Insights and Strategies for Professional Practice
  • Building or Enhancing a Thriving Business from the Inside Out
  • Get Creative! Impactful Communication & Improvisation Strategies for Working with Individuals
  • Modernize Your Resumes and LinkedIn Profiles: Advanced Writing Strategies for Career Professionals

General Meeting:

  • Employer Panel
  • Embracing the Gig Economy
  • Counseling Techniques Expo

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