CCC Past Events

The Career Counselors' Consortium is committed to Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion. Highlighted in our list of programs are the events specifically designed to support our stakeholders through this initiative. 

2022-2023 Events

Professional Development Seminar (PDS):

  • Technology Tips and Tools For Your Career Practice
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Session: Culturally Responsive Interview Preparation Q & A with Jenn Tardy
  • Neurodiversity 101
  • Private Practice in Career Coaching: A Soup to Nuts Mini-Conference
  • Training for New & Aspiring Career Counselors
  • Working with Clients in Career Transition: Understanding the Obstacles and Implementing Strategies for Managing Uncertainty

Best Practices Roundtable:

  • 3 Tips in Coaching Latinx Students/Clients
  • Trends in Talent Acquisitions: A Roundtable with Recruiters
  • Mental Health
  • Future of the Profession

    Book Club:

    • Own Your Greatness
    • Help Wanted: An A to Z Guide to Cope with the Ups and Downs of the Job Search

    Special Event:

    • Career Coaches Private Practice Open Forum
    • Networking Nights
    • Finding a Job That Loves You Back

    2020-2021 Events

    Professional Development Seminar (PDS):

    • Training for New & Aspiring Career Counselors
    • Effective Interviewing in the Age of AI
    • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Powering Beyond Your Own Resistance
    • LinkedIn Tips & Tools for Career Professionals
    • Transformational Coaching - Facilitating a More Positive Self-Concept
    • Designing Your Life for Career Professionals

    Best Practices Roundtable:

    • Keeping Clients and Students Engaged Virtually
    • Career Paths for Career Professionals
    • Career Counseling with Clients over 50
    • Working with International Students
    • The New Job Landscape: Coaching Jobseekers in the New Job Market

    Book Club:

    • Your Stories Don’t Define You - How You Tell Them Will

    • Switchers

    2021-2022 Events

    Professional Development Seminar (PDS):

    • Training for New & Aspiring Career Counselors (Offered in Fall & Spring)
    • The Power of Hybrid Professionals: How to Discover and Brand Who You Are At the Intersection of Your Multiple Professional Identities
    • Modernize your Resume

    • Modernize your LinkedIn

    • The Work-Life Balance Assessment: A New Card Sort Tool for Helping you Prioritize your Career & Personal Values

    • Career Development: Preparing for the Future

    Best Practices Roundtable:

    • Returning to the Work Place and Recruiting Trends
    • Working with Immigrants and Refugees
    • Building Awareness of Your Strengths’ Blind Spots
    • Career Coaching Today
    • First Generation Students and Empowering Their Resilience

    Book Club:

    • Recalculating

    2019-2020 Events

    Professional Development Seminar (PDS):

    • Enhance your Coaching Toolkit with SkillScan’s Transferable Skills Assessments and Resources
    • Training for New & Aspiring Career Counselors
    • The Incubator Lab for Career Development Professionals
    • Immunity to Change: Help Clients to Unlock Their Potential with Careers and Life 
    • You, Me, You: “Networking Strategies to help your clients leave a lasting impression!”
    • The Power Within: Strengths-based Career Counseling

    Special Events:

    • What do You do to stay connected during a pandemic

    • A Case Study Dialogue: How to support underrepresented clients in navigating bias in the hiring process

    • WEBINAR: In Times of Uncertainty: Tapping Mindfulness, Positive Psychology & Neuroscience to Help Your Students/Clients

    • Summer 2020 Conference

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