About Us:

The Career Counselors' Consortium promotes the professional development of career counselors and advocates for the profession by providing an open forum for communication and training, and an opportunity to connect locally, regionally, and virtually (which has enhanced our reach!). We achieve this by offering cutting-edge programming on relevant topics that advance learning, professional development, and best practices for career counselors and those interested in the profession.

We offer programs annually to facilitate the further education and development of career professionals and provide opportunities for networking. Members are seasoned career counselors/coaches, those new to the field, and those interested in learning more about the profession. Some members have part-time or full-time private practices, and others work in higher education, government, non-profit organizations and business.

We provide resources for newcomers to learn more about the field of career counseling and an opportunity to network with experienced career counselors. Many members tell stories about the vital role that their membership in the CCC played in breaking into the career counseling field, as either a new professional or a “career changer.”

Given that the field of career counseling originated in Boston with Frank Parsons, it is significant that the CCC is one of the oldest career counseling professional organizations in the Northeast. The CCC is a registered non-profit 501(c)6 corporation as recognized by the IRS.

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