We offer a variety of programs to enhance your professional development and networking opportunities. 
  1. Professional Development Seminars (PDS) – This core element of the CCC provides high-value intensive training to career development professionals at very reasonable prices. Offered 5-6 times per year on relevant and cutting edge topics in the career development field. 
  2. Best Practices Roundtables - 60 or 90 min lunchtime (12:00pm EST) discussions facilitated by a leader who is interested in and knowledgeable on the topic. 
  3. Networking – Connecting with CCC members has helped new and seasoned professionals gain “best practices,” learn about job openings, seek new resources, and make new professional friends. 
  4. Book/Video/Documentary Discussion(s) - An advantage of being a CCC member is participating in book group discussions on books selected by our Board of Directors. Each book will be from leading authors on career counseling ideas and theories. 
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