CCC Mentorship Program

The Career Counselors’ Consortium Northeast (CCC) is proud to announce a mentorship pilot program as part of its diversity, equity, and inclusion portfolio. The CCC is a professional organization that serves as a resource to support career professionals to reach their own potential in serving their clients. We create an atmosphere of learning and collaboration among members. 

We are developing this mentorship program to connect interested staff with experienced professionals to help bridge the knowledge and connection with the intention to diversify the career coaching space. Our goal is to not only diversify the field of career coaching but to build lasting relationships that can open up opportunities for people with marginalized backgrounds interested in career coaching. We have a diverse membership who work in the private practice, higher education, and non-profit industry.

As leaders of the career field, we hope to engage with your newer professionals of color and folks from marginalized communities to create a space of mentorship and sponsorship. It would allow for your team to bring diverse perspectives and contribute to DEI efforts- creating a sense of belonging. It also provides professional development opportunities through a professional association. We know that your role will help us reach team members who have been historically excluded in this field. We believe that your leadership in this space can lead to effective change.

The benefits to mentees and mentors are quite obvious: they get to build a relationship with a seasoned career services provider, expand their network and receive membership benefits. We welcome the opportunity to have a chat with you and collaborate. Please reach out at

Interested in becoming a mentee? Fill out this form.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Why did the CCC create a mentorship program?

The mentorship program was created to combat the lack of diversity in the field of career coaching. It also serves the purpose of diversifying our membership and giving back to individuals who seek mentorship to advance their career. 
  • What are the benefits of participating in the program? 

The mentee will receive funding to cover their first year of membership. See member benefits here. 
  • What is the duration of the mentor/mentee engagement?

The mentor/mentee relationship last 6 months with a commitment to meet once a month 
  •  Would I receive training with my mentor/mentee?

Yes, mentors and mentees will be required to attend a virtual training before the program begins.
  •  Can I end my relationship with my mentor/mentee?

Yes, if the pairing isn’t respectful, safe, or beneficial, the mentor or mentee should report the issue immediately to the CCC via email @
  • How are mentors/mentees selected and paired?

Mentors are members of the CCC who have indicated interest and have the time commitment to engage for 6 months. Mentees are new/returning CCC members who have expressed interest and have time commitment to engage for 6 months. Both parties also commit to attending the CCC mentorship training.  Based on areas of interest and expertise members will be matched accordingly.  
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