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  • Professional Development Seminar: SkillScan Advanced Pack: Basics and Beyond

Professional Development Seminar: SkillScan Advanced Pack: Basics and Beyond

  • Friday, April 07, 2017
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Northeastern University, 360 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115
  • 10


  • *Includes $35 materials fee*
  • *Includes $35 materials fee*
  • *Includes $35 materials fee*
  • *Includes $35 materials fee*
  • *Includes $35 materials fee*
  • *Includes $35 materials fee*

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CCC Professional Development Seminars
Northeastern University | Boston, MA

Friday, April 7, 2017: SkillScan advanced pack: Basics and beyond (Lesah Beckhusen)                                     

Location: Curry Student Center, Room #440

Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm                        

For career professionals who are new to or want a refresher with the SkillScan assessment. Register for just the morning or all day. Be sure to bring your device if you are planning to attend the afternoon session to test drive SkillScan Express and gain strategies for using this online format with clients.

Please Note: Registration includes the additional $35 materials fee (half or full day) which provides:

  • One deck of Advance Pack 2.0 Skill Cards
  • 3 Assessments Reports
  • Two uses of SkillScan Online (one for the counselor and one for use with a client)
  • Packet of Handouts (many reproducible for client use)

Now more than ever, students and clients need to have a clear understanding of their greatest strengths to spot best fit career options, plan development actions and effectively communicate themselves in the job search. In order to provide optimum value to clients, career counselors and coaches need a range of tools which can be applied to different client populations with diverse needs, time constraints, different learning styles, and in-person or remote coaching preferences.

Help your clients build a solid foundation of information for career planning and decision-making by attending this informative and interactive seminar.

In the morning session, participants will

  • Gain practice using SkillScan’s recently revised and updated card sort that provides a hands-on and engaging format for working with individuals and groups.
  • Learn how to integrate skills with Holland and values assessments to deepen client understanding of their career preferences.

In the afternoon session, participants will

  • Take SkillScan Express, an accelerated online tool that works on smart phones, tablets and P.C.s. 
  • Experience SkillScan’s autobiographical skills and motivations exercise, Assessing Your Pattern of Skills and Motivations that provides a historical picture of strengths and preferences based on key life and work experiences. The exercise comes as a fillable PDF form that clients can complete online or in person. 

Tools you will explore at this seminar can be used separately or in combination to provide a past, present and future picture of clients’ natural strengths and preferences.

For over 25 years, Lesah Beckhusen has successfully guided clients through their career crossroads while simultaneously developing SkillScan assessment tools. She is the co-developer of Professional Pack, creator of Advance Pack, Career Driver Online and Express - SkillScan's mobile version. She developed SkillScan to help individuals make effective career decisions at all stages of their career from launching a first career, making a transition and career advancement.

Lesah has worked with clients in a wide variety of environments including community colleges, outplacement firms, adult career centers, universities and a private practice with a specialty in working with attorneys in transition for over ten years. She provides train-the-trainer programs to career counselors and coaches on how to maximize and integrate assessment results to deepen client self-understanding.

Lesah is an Associate Director/Advisor at University of California Berkeley’s Walter A. Haas School of Business where she works with MBA students in all aspects of career development and concurrently manages her publishing and training business. She holds a BA in Psychology and MS in Counseling from San Diego State University.

We are pleased to have Lesah return to once again train Boston area career development professionals.

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