Best Practices Roundtable: Career Coaching Strategies for Autistic Clients

  • Friday, April 26, 2024
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Virtual


  • Roundtable discussions are free to members, but registration is required


Best Practices Roundtable:

Career Coaching Strategies for Autistic Clients

Presenter: Maureen Hilton-Sokoloff

Host: Sammie Walker Herrera

Location: Virtual (a Zoom link will be sent to you a few days before the event, after registration)

Date: Friday, April 26, 2024

Time: 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM EST

Let’s celebrate Autism Awareness Month together during an informative and interactive roundtable discussion!

All Career Coaches are absolutely right now supporting Autistic clients whether aware or not. Empower yourself to effectively support your Autistic clients by attending this roundtable discussion guided by Coach Maureen, a seasoned Neurodiversity Trainer & Career Coach with an Autism area of expertise. Coach Maureen will share critical information for all Career Coaches who want to increase their Autistic client’s job search and employment success.
You are also highly encouraged to bring your pressing Autism-related questions to share during the “ask Coach Maureen anything” Q&A.

Coach Maureen will share knowledge and strategies on:

  1. Supportive Coaching Tools: learn about disclosure, effective job search processes, Autism-friendly employers 

  2. Staying in your “Coach’s Lane” and how to cultivate the corresponding mindset

  3. Possible co-occurring conditions: depression, anxiety, PTSD, other neurotypes (e.g., ADHD).

  4. Coach Maureen’s “greatest set-up for success” employment suggestion

Coach Maureen eagerly welcomes you to submit prior to this event your
Autism-related (and/or Neurodiversity-related) question(s), challenge(s),
and/or situation(s) to her personal email address:

About Maureen:

Maureen is the Founder of Maureen Hilton Strategies, a Neurodiversity and Autism Training and Career Coaching practice. Coach Maureen shares her Neurodiversity and Autism areas of expertise by partnering with a variety of populations: adults, employers, academic institutions, and organizations.

Coach Maureen’s significant background high points:

  • 15+ years: Neurodiversity and Autism education and experience

  • 20+ years: Harvard University’s Career Services, Human Resources, Recruiting, and Disability Services

  • 25+ years: education in Positive Psychology, neuroscience, trauma-informed, yoga/meditation/mindfulness, stress-reduction, and Science of Coaching Psychology

Coach Maureen’s unique training approach empowers all attendees with Neurodiversity and/or Autism awareness, appreciation, championing, and strategies to apply in any area within one’s personal and professional life. This is especially the case for ALL coaches in any field, “niche,” population served, and for-profit / non-profit sectors.

Most of all, Coach Maureen welcomes any opportunity to share her core belief that Neurodiversity knowledge empowers each person with more effective communication skills and increased compassion to apply in EVERY human interaction!

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